2023 JAN 1 - 2026 JAN 31

多摩美術大学環境デザイン学科 デザイン 3 第 2課題

"Add the value to a void in society"






What role should art and design play in modern society?
As the times are changing, the demands of society will change, and in response, what should be expressed will change. Therefore art schools should consider these demands and reflect upon their method of teaching as well.
This “SKWAT / TAU-DAED” initiative, is a collaborative project with the Department of Architecture and Environmental Design of the Tama Art University. Through classes, the students are asked to rethink the current creative process by including their own points of view.
The course content is not an archetypal university course. It is a rather experimental approach, that attempts to use the student’s individual expressions and spread them to the real world, to provide an opportunity to be more engaged with society.
The course is aimed at third-year students of the Department of Architecture and Environmental Design and explores what a consistent expression or method for finding out a void in society could be. It also examines how to add value to a void, creating a new shift of values. The lively voices and expressions of the students are thrown straight into society through videos.
This is a first small step, hoping that it will steadily become a movement that will have a great impact on our future society.

Project Leaders

* 湯澤 幸子 / Sachiko Yuzawa
多摩美術大学環境デザイン学科 教授 / Professor at TAU DAED

* 中村 圭佑 / Keisuke Nakamura
多摩美術大学環境デザイン学科 非常勤講師 / Part-time teacher at TAU DAED

* 山口 イレーネ / Irene Yamaguchi
SKWAT メンバー

Official Website_ 多摩美術大学環境デザイン学科/TAU DAED



01_志村舞夏 / Maika Shimura

_東急二子玉川駅 ホーム

02_武田翔 / Sho Takeda

_横浜駅 コインロッカー

03_太田すみれ / Sumire Ota

_江ノ島電鉄 鎌倉高校前駅と極楽寺駅 ホーム

04_川﨑明子 / Akiko Kawasaki

_Artist in residence

05_永濱颯太 / Souta Nagahama

_橋本駅 廃線路