3-21-2 Ebisu Shibuya-ku Tokyo

2021 Oct 25 - 2021 Dec 4

Spot Spo(r)t

my city is your city is our city is my city is your city is our city ........................


The city is full of opportunities – If you’ve got the right equipment. Through the creative use of chalk, barricade tape and other everyday tools, a makeshift sports court can be built and used within moments.
Spot your plot and draw the lines!

Development projects around the Olympics Games have further contributed to the diminishing of available public space within Tokyo, especially in regards to sports venues for the public.

Difficult access to big government-run sports venues, expensive fees, time-consuming scheduling or the extensive rules in public parks destroy the public nature of those urban spaces.
Little room for spontaneous interactions within the city are left.

As a response to the current developments, SKWAT has set up a court at its small semi-public off-space in Ebisu.
Swing by, have a look and play a round before you head out and make your own DIY court within the city.

TOOLS for "Spot your plot and draw the lines"

Mini Measure/¥300
Barricade Tape/¥600


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